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How to Select a Research Topic
Jun 24, 2021

UMT Bioverse Society conducted a Webinar on "How to Select a Research Topic".  Where Guest Speaker Dr Sadia Khalil (Assistant Professor at Department of Microbiology FUUAST, Karachi),shared that being able to choose suitable research topics is an important skill to have for any student.

How Emotional Support in Childhood Translates to Character Building in Adulthood
Jun 24, 2021

UMT Psychology Club in Collaboration with UMT Character Building Society organized a Webinar on "How Emotional Support in Childhood Translates to Character Building in Adulthood". Guest Speaker Ms. Rabia Khadim (MS Clinical Psychology, MSc Applied Psychology), discussed that  Emotional Support is a major factor in childhood which is mostly ignored by parents and hence results in a shattered personality of a child when grown up.

How to Prepare for CSS
Jun 23, 2021

UMT CSS Forum Organized a Webinar on "How to Prepare for CSS".Guest Speaker Mr. Imran Ul Haq(Allocated  in PAS, CSS 2020, MSc Chemistry UOP,MS Theoretical Chemistry University of Barcelona),discussed the important things ,subjects and time required  regarding preparation of CSS.

Role of Stem Cell in Disease Modelling and Cell Therapy
Jun 23, 2021

UMT Bioverse Society conducted a Webinar on "Role of Stem Cell in Disease Modelling and Cell Therapy". Guest Speaker Dr. Ambrin Fatima(Assistant Professor at Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences,Agha Khan University Karachi), shared the details regarding the topic.

Role of Physiotherapists in the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Jun 20, 2021

UMT, Women and Children health club in collaboration with Healthcare professionals conducted a live session regarding the role of physiotherapists in the care of children on the autism spectrum. Dr Hira Idrees (Physical Therapist at DPT-UHS, ABA Therapist at RBT-California and a Clinical Psychologist at PCCP-KCWU), joined as a Guest Speaker and discussed how Physiotherapists are in a unique position to help children with ASD and how their work help such children to develop gross motor and basic movement skills.


Importance of Being Politically Aware
Jun 18, 2021

UMT Character Building Society is conducting a webinar on "Importance of Being Politically Aware”. Guest Speaker Mr. Meesam Javaid (Former President of UMT Debating Club, National Taekwondo Athlete, Blogger), talked over on how politics is one of the most important social constructs in history and along with only a handful of other concepts has an influence in everyone’s life.

Dramatic Elements in Iqbal's Poetry
Jun 18, 2021

UMT Iqbalian Society organized a webinar on "Dramatic Elements in Iqbal's Poetry". Guest Speaker Ms. Bushra Shereen, (Assistant Professor of Urdu Department Kinnaird College who also appeared as a guest speaker in different TV shows and a Member of Halka Arbab E Zauq), shed light on the topic and dived into Iqbal's Poetry to share unique and different aspects from unique perspective.

Unifying Power of Sports in Nationalism
Jun 18, 2021

UMT Scouts Club with the collaboration of UMT Sports Society presented a Webinar on "Unifying Power of Sports in Nationalism". Guest Speaker Mr. Mohammad Asim Khan

(Chief Instructor of the Civil Services Academy, International Author, Teacher, and Trainer). Participants learned that sports is an integral part of life moreover, it helped them develop an understanding regarding personality development and social integration.

Mental and Emotional Health
Jun 17, 2021

UMT Character Building Society conducted a webinar on "Mental and Emotional Health".

Guest Speaker Ms. Anumm Ali (Transformational Speaker, Mind Science Counselor, NLP Practitioner and Radio Broadcaster, Karachi FM 96), discussed mental and emotional wellbeing also, managing different stressors to keep mind and body healthy.

Basics of Design
Jun 13, 2021

The Bioverse Society arranged a workshop series on "Basics of Design". Which was presented by Koukab Imran, and was consisted of 3 main parts:

  • Basic terminologies of Design
  • Introduction of illustration tools
  • Basic designing on illustrator

It provided an opportunity to the students to learn and practice the basic illustrations and designing.


Mental Health Awareness: End the Stigma and Discrimination
Aug 17, 2021

UMT Psychology Club organized a Webinar on "Mental Health Awareness: End the Stigma and Discrimination". Guest Speaker Ms. Zikra Faiz (B Ed, Med, MPhil in Sp.Edu, Certified RBT and a Visiting Lecturer at University of Education), discussed how raising awareness about mental health is important need of today and how we can end the stigma and discriminations related to it.


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