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President Message

It’s an honor for me to initiate such a youth oriented intellectual forum whose purpose is to produce strategic thinkers in Pakistan with the help of training, practice and pedagogy. I believe in capacity building in youth through the initiation of community development within academia and institutions. The idea of Youth Strategic Forum remains incomplete unless not formed in different organizations and universities therefore I wish to mark a legacy based on merit and policy that provides guidance for successors.

H.Hassan Mehar

President | Youth Strategic Forum Society

2021 - 2022

Executive Body



Our vision is to create maximum strategists in any discipline to influence the capacity of the institutions for policy implementation in Pakistan. We aim to understand strategic science through pedagogy and practice. We foresee collaborating with international societies of different universities like International Diplomatic and Strategic Student Associations around the world. We tend to form a strong third sector organization that has a potential to contribute and provide human resources to the nation building processes of Pakistan and emerge as a concrete bridge between institutions as a mediator of negotiations and communications on behalf of youth. We expect to have diversity from arts, Business, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, technology and other disciplines.


YSF is a platform to enable strategic thinking in youth to evaluate and forecast the challenges and their potential solutions respectively in political science and IR and other respective fields. Our vision is to create strategic thinkers in the continuation of policies for development following the scope of domestic and international organizations like UN development initiatives, OIC, WEF and others.


Core Values

Our core values are to maintain the quality of human resource based on high skills and intellectual capacity so the results can be achieved as per the vision of the forum.


Our objective is to collaborate with shared domains of UMT societies to enlighten the strategic knowledge about their respective domain. We plan to coordinate with intellectuals/research institutions/government organizations/ INGOs working on security and strategic studies to extend our collaborations with the help of UMT to host and participate in mutual learning.

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Email Address: [email protected]

General Secretary# +92 3409370001