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President Message

This society basically is designed to make and break world records. The only skills necessary in this society are will power, continuous hard working, devotion, enthusiasm, courage and trust to achieve the goals and love for Pakistan. GWR Forum will always strive to inspire, discover and percentage the amazing. We believe that joy comes from discovery, empowerment comes from giving your all and happiness comes from sharing your passions.

M. Yasir Mushtaq

President GWR


Executive Body



 Our vision is to make UMT students believe that miracles still exist, we need to share our interpretation of the world by developing a sense of continuously question everything and keep a receptive outlook. Trust that sky is the limit and to inspire a sense of wonder.


Student Activities facilitates meaningful involvement, community engagement and leadership development, which enable all students to grab opportunities for enlisting their names in Guinness World book of records. 

Core Values:

  • To promote and give opportunity to the young generation to shoe their Talent
  • make our country and our university proud on the international platforms.
  • Uprightness
  • Regard
  • Enthusiasm
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Fun


  • 1.Encouraging students to participate in the international competitions. 
  • 2. Organizing helpful seminars for showing the importance of this forum  
  • 3. Practice based learning. 
  • Training and improving group dynamics

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General Secretary# 03377159448