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Publications Club is made with the objective of helping students to pursue their interests and develop a balance between academics and hobbies. "The pen is mightier than the sword", is believed by all. Right from its inception, we are hoping to give a platform to the students of UMT to showcase their talents in writing, develop a fondness of language either English or Urdu and provide an avenue for self-expression. We want the world to know that with a little encouragement and polishing, there's nothing we can't do.

Riha Zahid

President | UMT Publications Club



 Executive council:

Executive Body



Publications Club is designed to encourage creativity in students, involve them in campus activities, polish their writing skills and talents, publish student’s work on our website and ultimately publish a year magazine which showcases the achievement of our students and events held in our university.


Our vision is to create a platform and a safe space for the students of UMT where they can feel encouraged and have an option available to publish their writing and make it accessible to everyone.

Core Values:

  • Learning for all
  • Success for every student
  • Equality
  • Respect difference of opinions
  • Community Engagement
  • Diversity of content


  • To provide a platform to the students to master their writing skills.
  • To provide a medium to express their feelings through writing.
  • Serve as a reflection of ongoing events and activities in UMT.
  • To publish an annual magazine highlighting the events, achievement and activities of the year.
  • Serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and views on public affairs.

Contact Us:


Instagram: https://www.instaram/publications_umt

Email: [email protected]