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It is one of the new emerging clubs of UMT. This club’s

Main goal is women empowerment in a positive manner. Girls do get bully in universities, they get harassed but no one is there to protect them or help them so umt girls club is an open platform for such victims. Other than this, club will conduct such sessions that would help girls to boost their confidence.

Bint e Zainb

President girls club



Executive council:

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Our Mission is to empower girls to have productive lifes without fear of opposite gender


Our vision is one of the girls becoming self-sufficient adults, equipped with the capacity to continuously evolve emotionally, physically and spiritually

Core values

We embrace the diversity of culture, perspective, and experience and realize that differences define the richness and vitality of life.

Opportunities and enrichment experiences will lead to economic self-sufficiency, quality of life and general well-being.



• Building confidence in young girls

• To make girls able to achieve what they want without societal pressure 

• To make girls know their roles and rights 

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Email: [email protected]

General Secretary: 03134431657