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President Message

The aim of this society is to learn more n more about calligraphy and try to Master this art and go for the competition to challenge themselves. Our goal for this tenure is to develop interest in more people about Calligraphy English and Arabic both. And to arrange different classes for calligraphy as we did in last tenure i.e. our Kufic class.

Irfa Maqbool

President UMT Calligraphy society



The purpose of Calligraphy society is to promote and enhance individuals’ writing and creativity by recognizing and educating the art of calligraphy through exchange of ideas and practicing. 


Calligraphy society will remain true to the University's mission to serve communities through projects. This society will also focus the SDG: 08 which is about to promote sustained, inclusive economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Core values:

Calligraphy became an important means of decoration and a highly creative art form. Islamic calligraphy have strong connections to religion


Creating projects for betterment of art of Calligraphy.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram/Umtcalligraphysociety

Email: [email protected]

General Secretary# 03034367305