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President Message

The Leadership Skills Club is not simply a club that focuses on a single field of skills. Its purpose is to assist anybody and everybody while simultaneously providing its members with valuable experience that can be applied in the professional world. The development of each student's leadership potential, independent of their background or back draws. LSC makes an effort to be an inclusive platform for all UMT students and provides a toolkit for those students who want to contribute to the legacy of the university. To become a good leader, one must educate oneself on the relevant abilities and work to improve those skills through time.

Arooj Hameed
President of UMT Leadership Skills Club


Executive Body


The club’s purpose is to establish a decorum of opportunities and training modules for our fellow students and leaders. A club that will embark on a prominent role of polishing a variety of skills within our students, all in all, so that they may be ready to conquer any challenges they might face on any platform.


The vision of the Leadership Institute is to develop students into ethical, innovative, responsible, civic-minded leaders who contribute positively to their local and global communities. feel comfortable.

Core Values

Ethical consideration, Integrity, Excellence, Social Responsibility, Inclusivity, Civic Engagement, and Empowerment.


The objective of LSC is to allow its members to gain personal and professional skills in leadership development. To be leaders in the organization. To become better leaders in their families and personal lives as they develop skills to manage their own lives better. We intend to build respect for others and ourselves through positive actions and provide experience working with others to achieve a common goal. Apart from this, LSC will be bridging the gap between students and the corporate sector by providing them with internship and job opportunities.

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