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President Message

Humaira Malik Armaghan
President | UMT ESU Club

Executive Body



In modern age, human is centered around the sociocultural and sociolinguistics blocks. World has been evolved with many more great platform like ESU. Strongest imagination of ESU is to cope up with the challenges that a speaker face in his daily life. Uplifting of society is much more important. ESU tries to maintain its decorum as one of the best society ever. ESU focuses on the merits to enhance its value in the eyes of UMT. ESU is centered to bright the bacon of English Language. 


Communication is a necessary part of human life. In daily life, human has to cope up with society. He needs solid and healthy environment to boost up his confidence. ESU is a such a platform that enables students to improve their basic and learning objectives for strong communication. Stage fear is one the weakest factor that any speaker can have. Speaker must be able to remove and get rid of his problems. Speaker must have a good understanding, comprehension and sharp response to encounter the communication skills. ESU provides its maximum numbers to build up the confidence level, great techniques for communication and deep understanding to overcome the stage fear.

Core Values

  • Expertness, commitment magnificent in standards, opportunities and practical experience that uplift English Language learning.
  • Honor, commitment to equality, discipline, diversity and individual's respect.
  • Continuation, committed to pure learning of English Language and stable learning. 


  • Rectification of Oral Communication through evaluating the comprehension and visuals. 
  • Understanding of English Language as a set of rules knowing phones, syntax and semantic. 
  • Creation of extra activities to build paragraphs and essays. 


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