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President Message

As we all know that we are living in the world of technology and everybody is using various smart devices ie laptops and smartphones and they are linked to various social websites ie Facebook Twitter etc but many of us don't aware of fact cybercrime my and my team mission is to inform students about cybercrime and how to protect themselves from cybercrime.

Muhammad Ahmed

President | UMT Cyber Security Society


Executive Body



To build secure and resilient cyberspace for citizens, and students and also to protect anyone from intervening in users' privacy.


The mission of our society is to ensure a risk-free and secure environment for keeping the data network and devices guarded against cyber threats

Core Values

The core value of our society is four that is as follow:


  • privacy
  • fairness
  • accountabiliy



 Protecting the Confidentiality of data

 The integrity of data must be protected

. Only allowing authorized people access to data

 Prioritizing the assets according to their value and importance. The most crucial ones are always guarded.

 Pinning down potential risks.

 For each hazard, determine the best way to use security guards.

 Monitoring and management of data at rest and data in motion in the event of a breach.

. Maintaining the system in an iterative manner and responding to any problems that may arise.

Using the findings of prior risk assessments, updating policies

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Email Address: [email protected]

General Secretary # +92 3036508989