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Services & Facilities

Participants of the university are being provided with the latest IT facilities with highly skilled and professional support and assistance in ideal work environment. These services include:

Login Accounts

Each participant is issued a unique login ID to avail Domain, Email and Help Desk facilities. Login accounts are the core to access the domain resources, secure data storage, email correspondence and online access of results, registration and participants account history.

Internet Access

IPC is facilitating the high speed unlimited Internet access of 14Mbps CIR Internet Bandwidth, 6Mbps from PERN (Pakistan Education and Research Network), a project of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and 8Mbps optical link from world call.

Access to HEC Digital Resources

Participants can access the immense digital resources managed and provided by Higher Education Commission (HEC) via UMT website in IPC as HEC allows the access to these resources in their recognized institutions only.

300MB Secure Data Storage

150 MB Secure Data Storage (Z:\ Drive in “My Computer”) per participant for their assignments, projects, and other research work. Participants can access this data from any networked computer. The data back-up is scheduled by the Lab Administration on regular basis.

Software Applications and Development tools

IPC facilitates all types of software recommended by resource persons. These softwares include graphics, web development tools, programming languages, databases, documentation, project management, accounting and other advanced software.

Open Source Support

Open Source Technology: Linux based Servers, Squid-Proxy (running on Fedora Core 5), SoftBankd (running on CentOS) and NFS Server for Network Installing (running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4), participants are being provided with Linux OS (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4) and other Open Source software e.g. Open Office, Linux Apache MySQL and PHP (LAMP) etc.

Low Cost Laser Printing

IPC supervises latest printing facilities including 2 heavy duty HP 9040 Laser Printers having the capability of 40ppm (pages per minute) and automatic two-sided printing (duplex printing) with 100-sheet multipurpose tray and 1,100-sheet capacity and HP Laser CP1515n Color printer.

Scanning and CD/DVD Writing

IPC is providing scanning CD and DVD writing facility free of cost to its participants. Students can scan printed material to soft copy and can burn their software, projects and other important documents to CDs and DVDs for backup purpose.

Support and Assistance

A team of 10 highly qualified, skilled and cooperative IT Professionals is serving the department. The assistance duties vary from logins to internet, software, printing, and scanning etc.

WiFi (Wireless Connectivity)

IPC team facilitates participants for wireless connectivity (WiFi) which they can use across the campus. Participants can avail the wireless facility on their Laptops and i-phones by authenticating the given proxy (Proxy:, port: 8080).

IPC Team

IPC has highly qualified, extensive experienced and committed team members, providing state-of-the-art services to more than 2,000 participants on daily basis.  Network and System Administration team is responsible for smooth and reliable services from server-sides like Domain Controllers, File-Servers, Proxy-Servers, and Print-Servers.

  • Network Support team is responsible for overall client-side network support and troubleshooting.
  • Hardware and Daily Reporting team ensures total display of 300+ nodes, hardware maintenance and daily hardware reports.

Lost and Found Section 

IPC staff is managing proper record for lost items found in IPC premises. Participants can confirm their lost items from lost & found counter in IPC.

Security Cameras

IPC is administering security cameras deployed in different places in IPC and computer classrooms. The purpose of these security cameras is to ensure the hardware security, smooth and ethical environment to the participants in IPC.

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