Information Processing Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Processing Center (IPC) at UMT is to provide best computing facilities to all of our worthy participants from all schools with ultra-modern computing resources and the highest degree of privacy, security, and professionalism.

Information Processing Center

Information Processing Center (IPC) at UMT provides state-of-the-art facilities. IPC accommodates more than 8000 participants and serves 2000-3000 participants daily. Its standards meet the international requirements of highly advanced IT equipment and services including Intel® Core i7, Intel® Core™ i5 systems, 8 computer classrooms, 3 HP 9050 heavy duty laser printers, 52 Mbps CIR Internet bandwidth and scanners and CD/DVD writers.

All the participants of the university are being provided with the latest IT facilities with highly skilled and professional support and assistance in an ideal work environment. These services include provision of login accounts, unlimited Internet access, access to HEC digital resources, 300 MB secure data storage, software applications and development tools, open source support, low cost laser printing, scanning and CD/DVD writing, WiFi (Wireless Connectivity), and support and assistance by highly qualified, skilled and cooperative IT Professionals.

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