Information Processing Center

Policies & Rules

Information Processing Center (IPC) users are expected to behave in a responsible and courteous manner and observe the following rules while using IPC Computer Center.

• For entry to the computer lab, possession of UMT ID Card by each participant is mandatory.

• IPC participants must log in to their own accounts. Logon Account/password sharing is strictly prohibited. It may be cause of their data deletion and some other major damages.

• IPC participants must log out after finishing their work.

• Unauthorized visitors are not allowed.

• One person per workstation is allowed.

• Mishandling of Internet: Unethical sites, playing games on the internet are not permitted in IPC.

• Edibles are not allowed in IPC at any time.

• Listening music on your headphone either through mobile phones or computer is strictly prohibited.

• Group discussion is strictly not allowed

• Refrain from disruptive behavior such as loud talking and using mobile phones.

• Students found responsible for damage to the lab equipment will be liable for such damages.

• You are not authorized to install any software on the system, Only IPC staff is authorized to carry out these tasks.

• Everyone including students and staff is informed that no personal devices can be used in IPC. Personal systems, Laptops, Headphones and Earphones are not allowed in IPC.

• Only final project presentation systems will be permitted in FYP Lab.

• Students should be ethical towards their university fellows, especially on social networks. Anyone found involved in unethical activities will be dealt accordingly.

• Hacking is strictly watched while participant stay at UMT. Anyone found involved will be fined heavily and may result in expulsion or semester drop out penalty

• The violation of any of the above mentioned rules may incur a fine upto Rs. 5000.

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