Information Processing Center

Policies & Rules

Information Processing Center (IPC) users are expected to behave in a responsible and courteous manner and observe the following rules while using IPC Computer Center.

• For entry to computer lab, possession of I.D Card by each student is mandatory.

• IPC participants must log into their own accounts. Logon Account/password sharing is strictly prohibited. It may be cause of their data deletion and some other major damages.

• IPC participants must log out after finishing their work.

• Unauthorized visitors are not allowed.

• One person per workstation is allowed.

• NETSEND utility/command is not allowed in IPC.

• Mishandling of Internet: Unethical sites, playing games on internet are not permitted in IPC.

• Food or drink is not allowed in IPC at any time.

• Smoking is not permitted in IPC.

• Listening music on your head phone either through mobile phone or computer is strictly not allowed.

• Group discussion is strictly not allowed

• Refrain from disruptive behavior such as loud talking and using mobile phones.

• Students found responsible for damage to the lab equipment will be liable for such damages.

• Do not reboot, turn off, or move any workstation, PC or any devices. Do not load any software on any IPC computer. Only IPC operators and technical support personnel are authorized to carry out these tasks.

• Everyone including students and staff are informed that no personal devices can be brought in or taken out of IPC. You should get a gate pass against it.

Personal systems, Laptops, Headphones and Earphones are not allowed in IPC. Only final project presentation systems will be permitted in IPC. The violation of any of the above mentioned rules may incur a fine upto Rs. 5000.

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