Accreditations and Academic Quality Improvement Cell

Quality can be defined as the means through which an institution can guarantee with confidence and certainty, that the standards of its educational provision are being maintained and enhanced.Quality assurance is used as common denomination for a variety of mechanisms intended to control, guarantee and promote quality in higher education institutions. Quality of faculty and students, Infrastructural facilities (labs, lib, etc), Research and learning environment, Strategic planning, Assessment procedures and Market forces are the main elements of Quality Assurance in a Higher Educational institute.

Quality Assurance in Higher Education is a global challenge which demands enhancing the Quality of Higher Education on viable and sustainable basis.AAQIC at UMT was established in June 2009 to  put  a focused attention on Quality Assurance aspect of Education.AAQIC operates for the execution of QA policies designed by QAA/HEC with uniformity of pace and standards.

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