Accreditations and Academic Quality Improvement Cell

Accreditations and Academic Quality Improvement Cell (AAQIC) congratulate to all the departments on celebrating 31st anniversary of this prestigious organization on June, 16.

This is a matter of great privilege for us all to share that 30 years ago, on June 16, 1990 our visionary scholar and leader Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad (Shaheed) as founder and honorable DG UMT as co-founder initiated ILM as an empowering institute with the mission of learning and leading.

Accreditations and Academic Quality Improvement Cell (AAQIC) is contributing by achieving Ultimate Success for this prestigious organization that envisions to become an innovative Quality center, bolstering through national and international linkages, along with facilitating as well as organizing change activities UMT wide. It provides informational support related to academic policies and procedures in a bid to get timely feedback from all the stakeholders.

QEC Functions as per HEC-QAA:

  • AAQIC initiated Class Observation in fall 2020. Class observation contributed in maintaining the standards of all classes and faculty.
  • AAQIC takes Class Observations. This is a very unique function of UMT as this is conducting in very few recognized universities.
  • AAQIC shares School-wise LMS/OLLARC Usage Summary with all the Deans/ Directors.
  • AAQIC also initiates Online Course Approval Proforma for ONLINE classes as per HEC policy.  
  • AAQIC conducts a UPR (University Portfolio Report) as per HEC guidelines
  • AAQIC organizes Institutional Performance Evaluation Review (IPE) according to the defined HEC guidelines.

AAQIC also contributed to become a facilitator in enhancing the quality of academic programs offered at UMT, along with effectively managing internal processes to satisfy various stakeholders, including students, faculty, parents, corporate partners, society, and Accreditation Bodies etc.

AAQIC contributes by functioning on these core functions which are mentioning below:

  1. Accreditations
  2. Rankings
  3. Memberships
  4. Assessments
  5. QEC Functions as per HEC-QAA


AAQIC has gained remarkable achievements in attaining rankings for the period of 2020-2021.

  • UMT featured with outstanding scores in Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2020 (THE).
  • Achieved exceptional ranking position in UI GreenMetric World University Rankings 2020.
  • UMT again featured in Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021 among top 100-200 universities for SDG 4- Quality Education.
  • UMT got shortlisted for THE Awards Asia 2020 for "Workplace of the Year" award and also got the opportunity to get shortlisted for THE Awards Asia 2021 for "Teaching and Learning Strategy of the Year".
  • UMT stands first in Pakistan to get QS (USA) membership through the great efforts by AAQIC. UMT made it to the list of top Online Class Readiness Universities of Pakistan as per HEC parameters.


  • SAQS (South Asian Quality Systems) re-accreditation is in process.
  • Accreditations of ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) for School of Business and Economics (SBE) is in process.


UMT has gained an opportunity to be a member of various national and international memberships.

  • UMT becomes the first institute in Pakistan to secure Quality Matters (QM) Membership, USA.
  • UMT attained outstanding membership with IDEC (Interior Design Educators council).
  • ADE (Associate degree for English) membership was gained by UMT.
  • UMT has a membership of EFMD global Network.
  • UMT is now a part of Talloires Network by Tufts University with all the efforts of AAQIC.
  • Membership of PNQAHE (Pakistan Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) gained by UMT.
  • UMT is also in progress of gaining the membership of IAU (International association of universities).


  • AAQIC in collaboration with School of Business and Economics (SBE-UMT) and Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSOM), India organized an International Digital Conference on Curriculum 4.0.
  • AAQIC is organizing Nobel Laureate Talk once in a month which impact on the Accreditation and Rankings.
  • AAQIC arranged an introductory event on Outcome/Competency Based Education (OBE) for all Deans/Directors and Chairpersons of schools/institutes.
  • AAQIC participated in an event on Virtual World Academic Summit organized by THE Times Higher Education.
  • AAQIC organized a session on the “Imminent interventions for improving Pakistan’s Legal System”.
  • A special online training session for faculty members of UMT, Sialkot Campus was organized by AAQIC on “Self- Assessment Reports(SARs) as per the HEC guidelines.
  • AAQIC conducted several workshop on Competency / Outcome Based Education (OBE).
  • AAQIC commenced Webinars which are mentioned below:
    • MMBL Initiatives for digital Pakistan
    • Surviving through digital transformation
    • Market Dynamics and Nobel Prize Winning Contribution
    • US-Pakistan ties under Biden Administration
    • Strategic Importance of Pakistan and its Potential
    • Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
    • Q&A session on Undergraduate Education Policy 2020 by HEC
    • Is Artificial Intelligence the New Guru?
    • Industry-Academia Linkages


AAQIC initiated Review & submit Compliance report for school-wise course outlines on websites.

AAQIC prepared and conducted all below mentioned reports every semester/year for the evaluation of Quality of Education:

  • Students Feedback Reports
  • Graduating Student Feedback Report.
  • Grades Distribution Report
  • Evaluation Feedback Report on NAHE (National Academy of Higher Education) and its training was conducted by the HEC for the Faculty members in spring-2021.
  • Good vs. Average Student Feedback Reports