Accreditations and Academic Quality Improvement Cell

Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) by Higher Education Commission (HEC)

 Tuesday, March 15 2022

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has started the process of Institutional Performance Evaluation  (IPE) of all higher education institutions to innovate their academic environment. In IPE process the University Portfolio Report is presented to the IPE review panel containing all performance indicators. The IPE furthermore provides the academic institutions necessary steps towards continuous quality improvement after getting input from the external IPE review panel. HEC conducted IPE of the University of the Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore on 15, 16 and 17 March 2022. The IPE review panel consisted of following senior academicians and professionals.

Dr. Ayub Alvi (convener),
Dr. Wajeeha Shahid,
Professor Dr. Ghulam Nabi,
Professor Dr. Arabella Bhutto,
Dr. Tanzeela Urooj,
Dr. Saeed Ahmad Buzdar and
Mr. Agha Muhammad Raza

The team visited UMT to carry out thorough evaluation of institutional records of the last five years as per their HEC-IPE Manual. The IPE team was welcomed by UMT Rector Dr. Asif Raza and Director Accreditations and Academic Quality Improvement Cell (AAQIC) Asif Saeed Haider. The evaluation process continued for three days in which different activities including interactive session were carried out with faculty, students and the heads of management offices. Furthermore, the IPE review panel visited library, classrooms, studios and laboratories etc.  and appreciated the facilities provided within the campus to the students, faculty and staff. In the end, the honorable Rector Dr. Asif Raza had an exit meeting with the IPE review panel and presented them with the souvenirs.



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