Office of Planning and Development

The pace at which change is occurring in global marketplace has never been seen or predicted before. In such a vibrant and dynamic environment, Office of Planning and Development (OPD) is a department which serves as a strategic driver and an aligning force to establish a global vision of the University of Management & Technology.

OPD benchmarks industry best practices and implements them in the University to be more competitive. Innovative Business Measurement Systems are designed and implemented by the office to work towards capacity building at three institutional levels; people, process and system. We believe in continuous improvement and integration of the University-wide processes. The major focus of OPD’s strategic planning has been on three core issues:

  • Context: The external factors and internal capabilities that can be capitalized.
  • Innovation dimensions: How to redefine the basic dimensions of business – who to serve, what to offer, and how to operate – in new and profitable ways.
  • Sustainability: How to create a winning business model that is hard to imitate.

We at Office of Planning and Development put our best efforts forward to make UMT a holistic learning and growing place.

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