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“University of Management & Technology believes that constant and relevant trainings of its employees allow the organization to reap benefits which are manifolds”

UMT “Training & Development Department” organizes training programs for its employees on regular basis. These trainings entail professional and technical skills catering the on-job needs of staff at all levels. Overall the aim of such training programs is to align the goals of the organization to the employees through their personal development. This improves their work satisfaction while increasing their efficiency and performance of its employees. These training programs include a range of workshops, short and long term courses and conferences as well. All staff members are required to undergo a minimum of 5 man-days (i.e. 40Man-Hours) of training per year. UMT is committed to training and development of its staff members through rigorous and focused interventions

To further explore talent and potential of each of our employees we at UMT are conducting “Learning Focus Group Interaction (LFGI)” activity. “LFGI” is an excellent tool for human capital development that broadens the horizons of the participants through discussion on specific Case Studies, Books Review, Articles Review, Business Games or Movies Show. These events give platform to our employees where they can share their views with the whole management, increase their knowledge through effective peer learning and improve their relationships with their colleagues.


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