Office of Planning and Development

Portfolio of Office of Planning and Development

The goal of OPD is to create a better environment for all UMT stakeholders; develop UMT perception, improve processes; monitor progress; increase faculty & staff motivation; improve the financial position of University; and ultimately leading to enhanced student, faculty and staff satisfaction.

The primary functions for which Office of Planning and Development stands for are as follows:

  1. Planning
  2. Training and Development


University Planning Section

Monitoring performance

  1. Monitor and evaluate performance of academic and management departments

Strategic and Operational Planning

  1. To provide strategic direction to the University for achieving vision and mission
  2. To provide and periodically review the ten year strategic plan of UMT
  3. To provide the management with integrated strategic perspectives facilitating holistic decision making
  4. To make strategy to introduce, maintain and improve stakeholder’s satisfaction

Organizational development

  1. To layout policies and framework which enables capacity building
  2. To provide accurate and timely management information for the purposes of internal planning and decision making
  3. Follow ups on the directives of Rector and submitting its implementation report.
  4. To develop relevant reports as per the requirements of the management

Training and Development Section

To provide roadmap for the

  1. Development of Training Module, Programs and other Relevant Material for training
  2. Development of Training Calendar Quarterly
  3. Conduct of Trainings as per Training Calendar

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