UMT Student Housing (USH)

Life at UMT Housing (Girls Housing)

UMT Housing caters the diversified needs and requirements of our students and offer them numerous prospects for leisure, entertainment, recreation and relaxation. Following are some of the facilities and benefits that are available for the residents of the UMT Housing Facility:

Indoor activities keep you active
We understand the pertinence of sports and indoor activities, providing numerous prospects for fun-filled activities such as badminton, cricket, football, board games etc.

Best dining facilities and a well-planned menu:
We provide you with the best dining facilities, where the menu is well thought-out and designed in accordance to your nutritional requirements, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Making new friends- building connections for a lifetime

The hostel allows you to meet new people belonging to diversified backgrounds, enabling you to build up new connections and friends for a lifetime.

Easy access to University through University transportation facility:
We provide transportation facilities to the hostel residents, which makes traveling to and fro to university and hostel, much easier and convenient.

Academic edge over your peers
Living in hostel provides you an academic edge over your peers, as you get the opportunity to study in groups and learn from one another, in a safe and conducive environment.

Recreational facilities
Students need a break from their hectic study schedules, which can be provided by organizing different recreational activities. We provide the facility of a living area or a TV lounge to our residents, so that they can gather with their friends and can spend quality time watching their favorite programs.

High-quality and well-equipped accommodations/rooms
We have a state-of-the-art building, ensuring that our residents enjoy high-quality and well-equipped accommodations that cater their needs and requirements. We pay special emphasis towards the maintenance of cleanliness, which is carried out by our domestic staff regularly

Away from homes:
We realize that being away from your homes is extremely difficult and challenging on mental as well emotional levels. We will try our level best to provide you a homely environment, where you can make new friends, feel safe and settle in comfortably.