UMT Student Housing (USH)


UMT encompasses a diverse student body, who joins the UMT from all parts of the country studying multifarious disciplines at the campus. Keeping this in mind, UMT has made a suitable arrangement for students who hail from distant areas and provide them housing facilities at a very reasonable price. USH has a state of the art infrastructure equipped with modern facilities such as generators, recreational rooms, internet facility, cafeteria, prayer room and well-furnished rooms, catering for the needs and requirements of the students. USH pays special emphasis towards maintaining a safe and secure environment and ensure that hygiene and cleanliness are of top-notch quality. USH provides a serene and comfortable environment to the students so that they can pay heed towards their studies, without any distraction or inconvenience related to residence and accommodation queries.

The boarders of USH come from a diverse social and cultural backgrounds; nevertheless, as part of the community, they live like a family. They interact, help, support, encourage, and guide each other and enrich their perspectives. Discipline, collegiality, team-spirit, fun, and learning are the features that reflect the life and times at UMT Student Housing (USH). Currently, more than 1300 male and female participants are residing in the USH at Mustafa Town, WAPDA Town, LDA Avenue and Iqbal Avenue hostels. Students may seek advice from the Office of Information and Admissions (OIA) at the time of admission in order to secure a place in the UMT Hostels. Students are accommodated on ‘first come first served basis.

Girls Hostels

UMT offers an extensive range of degree programs, providing educational prospects to students living in far-flung areas, by assisting them in their acquisition of higher education. UMT understands the needs of these students who are away from their families and loved ones, and hence aims at providing them with the best housing experience. UMT offers accommodation facilities for its female student body, understanding their need of a secure, protected and comfortable milieu, where they can make new friends and feel at home.

UMT has acquired accommodation at WAPDA Town and Mustafa Town for their female students within a reasonable budget and has designed keeping in mind the essentials of a balanced, comfortable and well-equipped hostel life. This housing facility encompasses state-of-the-art-facilities including well-furnished rooms, air-conditioners (on requirement), generators, internet facility, recreational room, indoor sports area and a well-designed cafeteria. Located around the most animated and respectable neighborhood, the UMT Students Housing for Girls provides female students easy access to the university and to major areas of the city. Pick and drop facility has been provided as a necessary requirement to maintain educational standards across the board.

Boys Hostels

UMT has separate spacious Student Housing (USH) for male participants situated at Abbas Block, Mustafa Town, Wahdat Road, Iqbal Avenue and LDA Avenue, Lahore. Pick and drop facility has been provided as a necessary requirement to maintain educational standards across the board, and to provide equitable opportunities to day scholars, outstation and overseas participants. The USH offers independent cafeteria and recreation areas. All rooms are well-equipped with necessary furniture and have attached bathroom facility. USH life further adds to the already rich learning experience at UMT.