UMT Student Housing (USH)

Life at UMT Housing (Boys Housing)

If you've chosen your course and institution, the next step is to start thinking about your accommodation options, UMT understands the needs of their students who are away from their families and loved ones, and hence providing them with the best housing experience. We offer accommodations facilities to our male students, understanding their need of secure, protected and comfortable milieu. Students can choose in what kind of room they would like to stay (double or single). We also provide access to the Internet. The rooms/flats are fully furnished. Electricity, gas and water consumption are normally included in the rent. Since accommodation is limited, the Housing Authorities may not be able to provide accommodation to all applicants. UMT Boys hosing is designed keeping in mind the essentials of a balanced, comfortable and well-equipped hostel life. The housing facilities including room with bed, mattress, generator, high speed internet, TV room, newspaper reading room, sports ground, Mess and tuck shop/cafeteria. There is an easy access from UMT boys housing to the major areas of the city.

Fun-filled activities keep you active
Students housing are nothing if not eventful. Fun-filled activities helped our students to not only focus spiritual and emotional health, but also their physical well-being. We understand the pertinence of sports activities which provides numerous prospects for fun-filled hours here such as volleyball, badminton, board games etc.

Best dining facilities with well-planned menu
Healthy eating habits are an essential part of the rational lifestyle. We provide you the best dining facilities where the menu is well thought-out and designed in accordance with your nutritional requirements, leading to a healthy lifestyle. Meals at the mess are provided on subsidized rates with high food quality in hygienically good utensils.

Making new friends and built connections for lifetime

Sports Helps to reduce stress, enhance the leadership quality and a good way to make new friends for the students. We always tries to facilitate you to meet new people belonging to diversified backgrounds to enabling you to build up new connections and make friends for lifetime.

Easy access to University through free transportation facility
We need new ways of thinking about transport access for our young students with a particular focus on getting to and from university. The University is committed to developing sustainable transport alternatives to assist students to reduce car travel across the campus network, for this we provide free air-conditioned transportation facilities to our all housing residents, which makes traveling to and fro university and housing much easier and convenient.

Cafeteria | Tuck Shop
We always tries to provide an accommodative environment for the students of our housing and provide places for students to relax and eat. They places where young folk can be spotted in groups, munching and chatting around in a carefree manner. In order to provide healthy nutrition and fast food stuff for students, we establish a cafeterias / tuck shops in boys housing. Meals and snacks at the Cafeteria are provided on subsidized rates with high food quality in hygienically good utensils.

Prayers and worship of Allah
Masjid is an extremely important part of Islamic culture. We offer a place where Muslims students can pray and interact without prejudice, no matter what part of the world they are in. As the primary religious institution, the masjid has the greatest role in community building. The role of the Masjid is not restricted to performing prayers, yet it plays significant social role. The masjid played a major part in the spread of education In the Muslim World, and the association of the Masjid with education is inescapable.

High quality and well equipped accommodations/rooms
We provide the high quality of Accommodation Service to help you in your search for a home. Single/sharing well-equipped occupancy comprising bed, study table, study chair and a steel almirah. We pay special emphasis towards the maintenance of cleanliness, which is carried out by our domestic staff.

RFID Based Security and Access Control System
The safety and security of the students is the primary concern of our housing. We have a radio-frequency identification (RFID) based security-control system which allows only authorized people to enter in the housing. We also have well trained 24 hours security personnel, Ex-service man security personnel, armed security guard for security surveillance with effective communication and security cameras in our common areas.