Office of the Rector

Research and Analysis Initiative (RAI)

A university is a knowledge creating, disseminating and intellectual discovery place which enlightens the mind of participants and base decisions on logical rationale. Thus, a university must provide seamless services to all the stakeholders. To achieve this objective of providing seamless services, continuous quality improvement in all spheres is of vital importance. This belief is at the core of the University of Management and Technology (UMT).

There are many relationships running through the processes and system of the university, to manage all these relationships in a laudable manner runs through the strategic bloodline of UMT. Therefore, UMT aims to plan and conduct various internal quality assessment surveys to monitor the perceptions of various stakeholders according to their interaction with the University. This would allow the University to capture true insights of significant facets and to consider 360-degree angle of operational activities which will help in the planning and execution of proactive arrangements.

Objective of RAI

Continuous Improvement

Functional units and people for synergies


People, Product, Processes, Productivity

Stakeholders' Satisfaction

Through knowing and improving pain points

Service Excellence

Righty services, at right time, at right cost through proactive initiatives

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