Office of the Rector


The Rector is the chief executive, high-powered academic and administrative figure of University of Management and Technology. As such, he is leader of the University who is responsible for leading it through thick and thin, be it rain or shine, and takes steps to ensure smooth functioning of the University in accordance with its policy, established norms and rules and regulations. He is also responsible for providing strategic guidelines to UMT’s internal and external stakeholders, faculty and staff and takes a number of initiatives if needed for professional advancement of the University. The Rector interacts with useful members of global society and fosters UMT’s high-level contacts at national and international level. This includes direct personal engagement at the executive level with government officials, policymakers, bureaucracy, ministers, and industry leaders. The Rector carries out his responsibilities through several other management offices such as Office of Registrar, Office of Controller Examinations, Office of Facility and Management, and Office of Participant Affairs etc. The Office of Rector has its own staff, which is driven by highly qualified and well-trained staff. This team of professionals assist the Rector in successful implementation of his schedule and day-to-day activities.

Principal Secretary to Rector

To assist the Rector, there has been appointed a secretary designated as Principal Secretary. He is highly experienced individual who looks after smooth functioning of the Rector's Secretariat and carries out day-to-day assignments and tasks, briefs the Rector about his engagements and other activities. The Principal Secretary is also responsible for managing the corporate image of UMT through effective utilization of electronic, print and social media and other communication tools and establishes relations with national and international media through Public Relations Officer (PRO), who is reporting to him.

The core functions and responsibilities of the Rector Secretariat are:

  • To brief the Rector about his everyday engagements.
  • To receive daily mails, submit it to the Rector and obtain his orders.
  • To receive guests who call on the Rector after getting appointment
  • To arrange scheduled meetings of the Rector.
  • To establish liaison with Deans, Directors, and other Management Offices and the departments of the University.
  • To perform protocol duties necessary for this office.
  • To make arrangements for BOG/BOT, Academic Council and other statutory meetings.
  • To maintain Secretariat record and contacts’ database.
  • To carry out such other duties as may be assigned from time to time.