UMT Grand Mosque

About Mosque

Keeping up with our religious duty, right from the beginning, we have the provision for construction of mosque on prominent place in the University which holds a significant importance in the campus master plan and with the number of students increasing we need to complete the construction of mosque without any delay. mosque

It will become a source of inspiration, guidance and revitalization for all working and living in the community. 

Based on basic elements & principal of traditional mosque on the prototype developed by our Holy Prophet (P. B. U. H.), the UMT mosque has been conceived as landmark & hub of the UMT Campus & surrounding area.

We have reserved a land area of six kanals for construction of mosque. Covered area of mosque is 26,000 square feet and it has a capacity for 2,250 persons to offer prayers.

Apart from above capacity for praying the mosque has following facilities and features:

Ablution for Men & Women  100 Persons
Toilet   30 Persons
Library 4,000 Books
Domes 2 Main, 5 Small

Currently University has six thousand students and over seven hundred staff members including faculty and administration departments. Both students and staff are expected to double in four years time keeping in view the growth rate and proposed launch new programs and courses. The mosque is a great facility for people of vicinity too for offering prayers.