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Life at UMT is not all about academics and study alone. We know that students need a respite from their tough study schedules. This is necessary to re-invigorate their energies and for overall holistic development of the participants. The Office of Participants Affairs (OPA) manages a wide range of clubs and societies catering for both co-/extracurricular activities. All that students have to do is choose an area of interest. Here is a list of the clubs and societies that are open to membership for all students.

Office of Participant Affairs

Social Welfare Society

Instill Hope, Inspire Action

Social work utilizes a variety of skills, techniques, and activities consistent with its holistic focus on persons and their environments. Explore with students how these commons tasks, skills, areas of expertise, and interventions can be articulated to express their capabilities and the depth of their practice.

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Scholastic Society

Gift of Knowledge

The primary purpose of Scholastic Society is to encourage scholastic effort and reward academic merit; disseminate and improve education through appropriate service projects, develop its member’s potential for leadership and promote fellowship among its members. Read More..

Islamic Society

Spreading Peace


Islamic Society as the name suggests present positive image of Islam and tackle the common misconception of Islam. This society educates the students with knowledge of Quran and let students learn Islam without discrimination of Sects. It provides social, academic, spiritual and welfare support to students through regular events and activities which reflects a positive change in them. 


Khateeb - UMT Debating Club

Unlocking the Power of Words

The debate club is great place for students to explore the art of "organized arguing." Students in debate club tend to enjoy discussing current issues and if they don't already have a strong voice and good presentation skills, they will learn these abilities in a fun, safe club environment. Students learn to create factual/logical, ethical and emotional arguments to persuade others in the club that their "side" is correct. The club uses the formal debate format.

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Adab - UMT Literary Society

Decoding Thoughts

Our hopes are to achieve an intelligent conversation that allows the intermingling of creative minds within the campus community and to show off peer work, while also celebrating our own triumphs as student artists. 

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UMT Media Club

Every Step Counts

Media Club in UMT promotes media literacy among the students. Several conferences are conducted and issue-oriented media talks, seminars and various media training activities takes place for the betterment of the media students. Numerous public figures and celebrities contribute in media engagement thus promoting the name of the university at various platforms. 

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UMT Dramatic Club

Feel, Express & Inspire

This club enables the students to polish their hidden talent of social life, promote the culture in a positive way, familiarize the students about real life scenario and enable the students to compete the outer world to earn the name and fame for UMT. This club arranges a number of dramas and plays originally written, directed and produced by the participants of UMT. 


Gals Zone

She is Blessing

It is basically a girl’s community in which girls are given a platform where they can arrange, organize and enjoy all the events like seminars, parties, dinners and trips. Besides this Gal’s Zone also provides different professional opportunities for females.


AKS Photography Club

Inspiring Outlook

This club promotes interest in all aspects of photography as an art form and welcomes members who enjoy photography at all experience levels. This club conducts photography workshops, exhibitions and other mode of visual art activities. This society will help beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers to improve their skills through lectures, workshops and photo-shoots in university. 

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Overseas Participants Club (OPC)

This is Home

Overseas Participants Club (OPC) presents a platform where all overseas participants interact with each other throughout the year. An overseas participant faces many problems on account of being away from home. He/She has to face a new culture and environment altogether. It provides a platform to the participants where they felt at home, shared ideas and experiences and spent time with each other. The club gives an Annual dinner that is honored by the presence of Rector UMT who addresses the audience as well. The concerns, queries and feedback of the participants can also be discussed on the occasion. 

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UMT Character Building Society

Move and Grove to Improve

As the name implies, this society is aimed at remedy the deficiencies in the character of the students and developing good persons. This society is an essential part of the campus life as it guides in the personal and group conduct of the participants. 

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Health Wellness Club

You Fit In

This club provides opportunities for students to perform and present their hidden talents, skills or arts on the university platforms, to engage students in constructive activities, to balance curricular and extra-curricular activities in a proper way. Health and Wellness Club encourages the spiritual and physical development of the UMT community. 

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Fine Arts Club

Glitter, Glamour & Glitz

This club trains the students regarding Arts and Culture exploring the hidden talent of UMT. It provides various opportunities to new participants to groom and polish themselves to meet the need of their respective departments where they have to initiate their professional career in the field of Arts. It mainly works to cultivate, channel and nurture the artistic potential of the participants. 

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EPS - Environment Protection Society

Guarding the Nature

Members of the Environmental Protection Society create awareness among the students about environmental issues. It arranges different activities and spread information to make UMT and the community clean and pollution free. The society encourages environment preserving activities inside the campus by celebrating No-Smoking Day, Water Day and Plantation Week.

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Blood Donors

Sharing Life

As its name implies, it is a society that allows needy to look for a donor with required blood group. All the UMT students can join this club. This society has a database of blood donors through which they provide blood whenever and wherever it is needed. 

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UMT Rovers Crew

The Ultimate Dreamers

This club is for all those students who want to test their physical and leadership potential. The club plays an important role in developing one’s physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional skills and values. The club also provides the opportunity to right candidates to represent UMT in national scouting events. 

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Glee Entertainment Club

Create Moments

The objective of this society is to promote the cultural music to make an effort to promote ghazal and poetry in particular, to work for the revival of traditional music. This club is meant for entertainment and consists of a team of talented singers. It provides a proper platform to the UMT students so they can improve their taste of music. 

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Bulls Eye - Rifle Shooting Club

Never miss the target

This club has been established for shooting enthusiasts and for generating interest in the sport. The members are encouraged to take part in rifle shooting competitions, national shooting contests and HEC competitions.  

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Jurrat Adventure Club

Go the Extra Mile

The objective of this club is to provide opportunities to explore the northern areas of Pakistan. It organizes a wide range of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, ice-climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, rock climbing, Jet Ski and more. All activities are organized by members of the Jurrat Adventure Club to experience the beautiful Pakistan. 

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UMT Gaming Zone

Inspiring Fun

This club provides the students an environment to organize and practice online gaming sessions. It provides interested players a chance to learn and master their skills in gaming. This club is recognized to involve the students in gaming competitions and prepare them for various intra-departments, national and international tournaments. 


UMT Ushers Club

Looking to Serve

This club is a team of experienced volunteers who serve at all kinds of events irrespective of the departmental boundaries. They are professionally trained as event organizers, as a result of their services at various events. It is also responsible to provide ushers for the events conducted by other clubs or societies to provide them a vast exposure in event management. 

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UMT Marshals

We Stand for you

This society comprises of a brave team, high spirited and energetic guys whose objective is to provide security services at different events and to the celebrities visiting the university at different occasions. 

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Ilmian Quizzical Society

Transforming Talent into Excellence

This society is established primarily to conduct different sessions of quizzes to judge the potential and mind power of participants from different disciplines. The quizzes range from general knowledge, IQ Tests, EQ Tests, and other aptitude tests. The purpose of this society is to encourage students participation in various quizzical contests held within or outside the boundaries of university. 

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UMT Film-Making

Penetrating the Creativity

Film-Making club is established for skilled participants to bring their idea into innovation. It aims at developing the useful and informative documentary films that is taught to students that contributes to bring a positive change in youth. It evaluates the ultimate film making skills of participants and the way they are bringing innovations in the skill. This club will also lend a hand to OPA in coverage of events as well as activities organized by other club or society. 

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UMTECH Society

Deciding What's Next

UMTECH Computing society promotes research oriented activities, guiding and training students to raise their level according to market standards and giving them opportunities to learn latest technologies. It is a team of dedicated computer science agents who work to promote activities related to information technology and computer sciences including speed programming competitions. 


Bolan Forum

Voice of Baloch

Bolan Forum is a society aimed at encouraging Baloch participants towards their contribution in social and cultural activities. It enhances their network and have the feeling of belongingness with the UMT. Baloch students are also given scholarships which encourage them to study hard and promote the university in their region. 


UMT Sports Zone

Win Dice, Play Nice

Sports society is really well managed and equipped, and offer regular trainings, coaching and conducts competitions, both nationally and internationally. These include various intra and inter universities competitions at various platforms from University level to divisional and provincial level. Sports-based scholarships are also awarded for National Colour holders.

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School of Business and Economics-old

UMT Finance Club

UFC Mission

To help students develop financial skills and knowledge through industrial linkages for enhanced learning and exposure for a successful career.

Learning Activities (Scope)

  • Speaker Series.
  • Career Development Programs
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Reviews
  • Discussion Panels
  • Stock Market Visits
  • Chamber Programs Participation

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