Cooperative Education

Discover Your Path to Success with COOP

COOP (Cooperative Education) Program that blends classroom-based learning and work-based knowledge. Skills converting students into talented and work-ready graduates. Through COOP, you will have the chance to apply the knowledge you acquire in the classroom to actual work scenarios, making your learning experience more comprehensive and relevant. COOP is a three-way partnership between UMT, Students & Industry.

Most Diverse Undergraduate Program

COOP: 6 Credit Hours
Duration: 4 Months
Time: Fulltime (Monday to Friday)

Value Addition for Students

  • Get valuable work experience in your field of specialization
  • Develop professional skills and gain a better understanding of the practical application of work
  • Get lifelong learning and enhance workplace skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, time management, etc.
  • Build your network, meet people, learn, and earn at the same time
  • Improve your self-confidence and respect for work
  • Stand out in your full-time employment search after graduation with solid professional experience that significantly increases the chances of you landing a high-paying job
  • COOP program will be published in the final transcript

Selection Criteria

• For students of 7th or 8th Semester
• Minimum 3 CGPA

The participants of the following Schools are encouraged to join COOP.

1. Dr. Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM)
2. School of Architecture and Planning (SAP)
3. School of Design and Textiles (SDT)
4. School of Engineering (SEN)
5. School of Food and Agricultural Sciences (SFAS)
6. School of Media and Communication Studies (SMCS)
7. School of Professional Psychology (SPP)
8. School of Systems and Technology (SST)

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