Certificate Courses

The certificate courses offered at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) are tailored to meet the demands of today's job market and are taught by experienced professionals in their respective fields. With flexible schedules and affordable fee, our certificate courses are ideal for enhancing skills. Whether you are looking to acquire new skills in digital marketing, project management, data analytics, or other in-demand fields, we have a certificate program that can help you achieve your goals.

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CETA (Dr Hasan Murad School of Management)

  1. SEO Training

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School of Architecture & Planning

  1. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certification
  2. Architectural Photography Course, Ceramic & Sculpture Workshop
  3. Calligraphy Course
  4. How to Plan and Design a Housing Scheme

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School of Commerce & Accountancy

  1. Certification in Digital Accounting
  2. Certification in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  3. Certification in Taxation Management

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School of Engineering

  1. Network Security - A Hands-on Approach
  2. Structural Analysis using Abaqus

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School of Food & Agricultural Sciences

  1. Certificate Course in Food Safety and Allergen Management
  2. Certificate Course in Food Safety and Quality Management-Level 1
  3. Certificate Course in Food Safety and Quality Management-Level 2
  4. Certificate Course in Meal Planning and Dietary Management
  5. Certificate Course in Food laws and Regulations
  6. Certificate Course in Freelancing in Food Science & Nutrition

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School of Governance & Society

  1. CSS Summer Boot Camp
  2. Disaster Risk Management

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School of Law and Policy

  1. Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  2. Certificate in Legal Ethics and Practice
  3. Certificate on Electronic Evidences and Cyber Laws
  4. Diploma in Taxation Laws (DTL)
  5. Diploma in Corporate Law and Practices
  6. Diploma in Forensic Science and Law

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School of Pharmacy

  1. Teaching, Assessment and Feedback Strategies in Pharmacy Education
  2. Drug Discovery and development

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School of Systems & Technology

  1. Web Development using Django Framework
  2. Python Programming for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  3. Data Analytics using Microsoft Power Bi
  4. Game Development Using Unity 3D
  5. Front-End Development Using React JS
  6. Back-End Development Using Node JS
  7. Mobile Application Development
  8. Computer Applications Using MS Office
  9. Blockchain Development

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School of Social Sciences & Humanities

  1. Certificate course on Pakistan Sign Language  
  2. Certificate in Educational Leadership and Management
  3. Certificate in Educational Measurement and Assessment
  4. Certificate in Entrepreneurship in Education
  5. Certificate in Statistical Data Analysis Using SPSS 
  6. Certificate in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership
  7. Diploma in Comprehension of Modern Western Civilization
  8. Intro to Gender Studies for Competitive Exams
  9. Qualitative Research
  10. Post-Graduate Diploma in Research Methodology in Social Sciences
  11. An Introduction to the Political Islam: Dynamics and Impact
  12. Social Research Methods
  13. STEAM Education for Science Subjects
  14. Differentiated Instruction: Support and Resource Planning for Inclusion

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School of Professional Psychology

  1. Secret of Statistic
  2. Grief Counselling: Training the Trainers
  3. Psychological Helping Skills and Training Program
  4. Employee's Health Psychology and Well-being
  5. Research Made Easy
  6. Addiction and Rehabilitation
  7. Developmental Psychopathology-Supervised Practicum Training
  8. Forensic Psychology
  9. Unfolding preliminary world of Statistics (Quantitative Analysis)
  10. Psychological First Aid
  11. Behavioral Therapy training Course
  12. Toxic Relationships and Wellbeing: Balancing the Unbalanced

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School of Professional Advancement

  1. Hospital Management & Emergency Management
  2. Developing Budgetary Systems and Performance Reporting
  3. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
  4. Designing and Implementing Effective Internal Control Systems
  5. Project Feasibility Analysis
  6. Negotiation Skills Development
  7. Managing People for Higher Performance
  8. Professional Communication
  9. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Institute of Liberal Arts

  1. Introductory Arabic Language
  2. Introductory German Language
  3. Introductory Chinese Language
  4. Content Writing

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School of Science
  1. Hands-on Applications of Potentiostat
  2. Soft Skills for Chemical Industries
  3. Environmental Sustainability
  4. Computational Chemistry
  5. Experimental Methods in Microbiology
  6. Experimental Methods in Molecular Biology
  7. Next Generation Sequencing, Data Analysis and Drug Design
  8. Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation
  9. Game Theory
  10. Astronomy for Everyone
  11. Solar PV System Design and Performance
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School of Media and Communication
  1. Film-making Workshop
  2. Practical Filmmaking
  3. Editing and Mixing techniques for TV
  4. Dissertation and Thesis Writing Workshop
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