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Federal Minister Akram Khan Durrani Congratulates UMT Graduates

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Akram Khan Durrani, Federal Minister for Housing and Works, delivered his keynote address in the national language. He said that UMT has earned the respect and appreciation of the government sector on the basis of the high quality of education and the progress it has made over the years. The Federal Minister said that the degrees being awarded to the students actually belong to the people of Pakistan who have high hopes from this generation.


The Honorable Minister reminded everyone that perseverance, hard work and the blessings of Allah  lead to success in life. Recalling the hardships that he had faced in his childhood, the Minister said that the school where he studied had no roof and it was very difficult for many parents to send their children to school.  He said that he had vowed to change all this if Allah ever gave him the opportunity. As Chief Minister of KPK, he made education till matriculation free in his first cabinet meeting. The first women’s university in Pakistan was set up in PKP and the number of degree colleges for women rose substantially. The Minister added that there were only 4 universities in KPK but in just five years, this number was doubled.

Concluding his address, Akram Khan Durrani said that as a nation we should be well prepared to reap the advantages from CPEC. He said that the success of the project depends on the expertise and skills of young graduates like those assembled at UMT.

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