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Degrees Must Impart Marketable Skills: Dr Nizamuddin

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Professor Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin, Punjab HEC Chairman and Patron UMT, congratulated all the graduating students and their parents on the occasion of the 12th UMT Convocation. He said that all the students who are graduating today are fortunate to have studied at UMT which is one of the finest universities of the country. He said that only 10 percent of Pakistani youth get higher education and the graduates assembled here today should really count themselves lucky to be included among them. Prof Nizamuddin said that at this point, 20-25 million children in Pakistan do not have access to schools. As a graduate, it is your responsibility to change all this. You can begin by joining the alumni association and start work with your university for the development of the nation.


Prof Nizamuddin added that our universities must give degrees with marketable skills. He said that the nation can only benefit from CPEC fully if its university graduates are well equipped with the skills and expertise to run the numerous projects that are being launched.

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