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Chinese Delegation Visits UMT to Explore Academic Collaboration

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Chinese delegation consisting of Jin Delu, Chief Designer of Energy Planning and Chairman of the Company and the College, Wang Hongbin, Vice President of the College/General Engineer of the Company and Wang Wenting, Deputy General Manager from the Shandong Lucy New Energy Technology Co., Ltd and Shandong Normal University Lishan College, visited UMT today.

They were accompanied by Khalid Rafiq, Director Habib Rafiq Group, Pakistan and Muhammad Javed, GM Finance Habib Rafiq Group. They were warmly welcomed by Asad ur Rehman Khan, Director Institutional Linkages (Foreign), UMT.

Jin Delu and  Wang Hongbin also gave an exclusive interview for UMT Radio FM 98.2 on the subject of ‘high technology production, education and research’ Mr. Wang is hopeful that effective relationship will be developed and between UMT and Shandong Normal University Lishan College in education and research in coming days.

The aim of the visit is to enhance future collaborations between UMT and Shandong Normal University Lishan College in the areas of research and technology. The Chinese group is already involved in modern high technology production, education and research projects with an emphasis on new energy technologies.  The collaboration between the two universities would provide bright prospects for the graduates, postgraduates and PhD participants of both the universities and would introduce UMT students and faculty with the research achievements made in new energy technologies. 

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