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International Linkages

  1. AIMST, Malaysia
  2. Alumni Association, Southeast Missouri State University
  3. Boston Theological Institute, U.S.A. [collaborating with SLP]
  4. Boston University School of Law, U.S.A. [collaborating with SLP]
  5. CEVRO Institute, Czech Republic [collaborating with SLP]
  6. Charles Sturt University, Australia
  7. Chayes International Public Service Fellowships, Harvard Law School, U.S.A. [collaborating with SLP]
  8. Eastern Michigan University, USA
  9. European Law Students’ Association, Belgium [collaborating with SLP]
  10. Friedrich Alexander University, Germany [collaborating with SLP]
  11. George Mason University, USA
  12. Harvard Law School
  13.  Heidelberg Law NMUN, Heidelberg University, Germany [collaborating with SLP]
  14. HITIT University, Turkey
  15. Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School, U.S.A. [collaborating with SLP]
  16. IESEG School of Management, France
  17. Katholeik Universitiet Leuven, Belgium [collaborating with SLP]
  18. Leiden University, Netherlands [collaborating with SLP]
  19. Malaysian University of Science and Technology (MUST)
  20. Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey
  21. Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law, Germany [collaborating with SLP]
  22. Near East University, Turkey
  23. Northeastern  Illinois University, USA
  24. Northern Illinois University
  25. South Asia Initiative, Harvard University, U.S.A. [collaborating with SLP]
  26. South East Missouri State University, USA
  27. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China
  28. St. John's Seminary, The Theological Institute
  29. Stein Center for Law and Ethics, Fordham University School of Law, U.S.A. [collaborating with SLP]
  30. Stockholm University
  31.  Texas Tech University, USA
  32. Tianjin Polytechnic University, China
  33. University of Antwerp, Belgium [collaborating with SLP]
  34. University of Bedfordshire, UK
  35. University of Essex, UK
  36. West Liberty University, USA
  37. Wuhan University of Technology, China

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