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UMT Quality Council

The Quality Council (QC) has been established at UMT by the Rector to enhance the quality of degree programs, academic/ support processes and the people involved in such activities i.e. faculty, students and staff. QC is an apex level policy making body that will oversee all the activities related to quality at UMT. The establishment of the QC is one of the strategic milestones achieved towards achieving higher quality standards. QC members include Rector, Head QEC, All Deans and Associate Deans, All Chairpersons of Departments, Registrar,Controller of Examinations, Directors and Heads of Support (Finance, OAD, OHR, OPA and OCM) as well as academic departments (IIB, SPA, SCA, STD and SLP)

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at UMT is headed by Dr A Rashid Kausar. The QEC will be responsible to liaise with all the respective nominated degree program team members and coordinate with them in order to ensure conformity to Quality standards as per HEC prescribed standards as well as prescribed standards of various prestigious international and national bodies.

Muhammad Yousaf Jamil, Director QEC, has been entrusted with the responsibility for all the operational functioning relating to quality. He has joined the UMT Team and has above 17 years of quality-centric work experience in education as well as corporate sectors.

Minutes of Quality Council Meetings

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