Fuel Price Hike to Affect Higher Education Sector: UMT President Ibrahim Murad

Friday, June 10 2022

University of Management and Technology (UMT) President Ibrahim Hasan Murad has said that the recent hike in fuel prices will adversely affect the masses and result in unprecedented pressure on almost all economic sectors, especially the higher education.

“The increase in energy prices is adding to inflation, unemployment, and mental stress among the population,” he remarked.
Ibrahim Murad pointed out that students in pursuit of knowledge all across Pakistan could not afford the rising fuel prices. He suggested students and teachers be given fuel at concessional rates to facilitate learning and education. “In the aftermath of recent fuel price hike, 2 million university students should be given a Rs 1,000 monthly fuel allowance for the whole year as this will definitely boost student retention in higher education,” he added.

The UMT president proposed Pakistan initiate a massive strategic transition to electric vehicles, as they protect the environment, are cheaper to run, and inexpensive to maintain.
“Switching to EVs will reduce our fuel import bill which runs into billions of dollars annually. By 2030, 50% of all vehicles in Pakistan must be electric,” Murad concluded.