Office of Safety, Security and Vigilance


OSSV is one of the support offices and it consists of a team which is working to promote security, safety and vigilance. Main purpose is to monitor and ensure a safe, secure, conducive, ethical and peaceful environment for better learning, teaching and research. Precautionary measures are adopted to prevent from any type of incident.

2. AIM

To lay down Standard Operating Procedure for Security, Safety and Vigilance of UMT family.


The primary objective of this document is to ensure the safety/ protection of the institution and UMT family .Whilst this SOP serves to outline the operational procedures, it is not exhaustive but covers all the possible security situations. The information contained in this document is complete and detailed, yet is easily accessible and presented in a straightforward and reader-friendly manner.


Create and implement security standards, policies, and procedures.

  1. Ensure the security and well-being of all personnel and campus.
  2. Monitoring and authorizing entrance of vehicles.
  3. Identify, investigate, or resolve security breaches.
  4. Monitor and ensure a safe, conducive and ethical environment.
  5. Plan, direct and coordinate security activities to safeguard UMT assets, employees, guests and property.
  6. Develop and implement policies & methods to protect personnel against harassment, threats and violence.
  7. Develop and assist in legislative reviews, and assessments of the overall effectiveness of facility and personnel security processes.
  8. Train and develop team members regarding in-practice security rules and procedures.
  9. Assess risks to alleviate potential consequences of incidents and develop a plan to respond.
  10. Communicate security status, updates, and actual or potential problems, using established protocols.
  11. Coordinate and correspond with law enforcement agencies.
  12. Co-ordinate with relevant government / private agencies and effective handling of relevant legal / administrative affairs.
  13. To manage and administer all matters of parking facility outside UMT
  14. Real estate management
  15. Any other responsibility assigned by the competent authority.

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