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Project Title Funding Agency Researcher/Scientist Name  Year

Competency-based blended learning approach for In-service TVET teachers’ Professional Development

HEC Dr Amna Yousaf  2019

Institutional Strategies to Abate Socio-Economic Impacts of Climate Change in Karakorum Region of Pakistan and China

ICIMOD Mr Noman Arshed 2018

Collaborating the Relief and Recovery Efforts in Post-Disaster Situations in Pakistan: Need Assessment and Conceptual Coordination Framework

Humanitarian innovation initiative research seed grant Dr Aisha Azhar 2018

The Nexus of Mobility and Empowerment in Women Vegetable/Fruit Vendors of Lahore

PCSW Dr Ambreen Salahuddin 2018

Molecular Characterization of Begomoviruses Infecting Cultivated and Non-cultivated Plants in Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

HEC Dr Muhammad Ali 2018

Photocatalytic application and Spectral
characterization of Synthesized Cu Doped ZnO Nanostructure Composites with S-doped g-

HEC Dr Mohsin Javed 2018

Microsoft Azure Research Award

Microsoft Dr Ammar Aftab Raja 2017
Silver Nano-Particle Composed Function Material for Advanced Biocidic Applications NRPU-HEC Dr Mudassar Abbas 2017
Driving Monitoring System Especially for Harmful Emotions ICT R&D Syed Farooq Ali 2015
Rice Grain Analyzer and Classifier ICT R&D Syed Farooq Ali 2015
Human Fall Detection (Fixed Camera Based) ICT R&D Syed Farooq Ali 2015
Video Summarization ICT R&D Syed Farooq Ali 2015
Harmful Distraction Detection for Safety Driving Using an Intelligent Camera ICT R&D Bilal Hassan 2015
Edge On ICT R&D Bilal Hassan 2015
Smart Move ICT R&D Bilal Hassan 2015


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