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ORIC-UMT Ventures (Business Incubation Centre - UMT)

Business Incubation Center UMT as part of ORIC UMT serves graduates to build ventures on innovative ideas. ORIC UMT has the international level expertise, local network and expertise to mentor graduates for startups.
BIC, UMT has collaboration with Industry Venture USA having 25 years experience of Silicon Valley for incubation, venture, investment and mentoring of startups. Numbers of graduates have planned their ideas and being mentored by BIC, UMT for startups.
ORIC department has successfully developed following ventures at UMT:

IRP Network
IRP Network is initiated by UMT Student - Mr Rahamt Ullah and mentored by Mr Abid H K Shirwani, Director General-UMT/Director ORIC. The objective of this venture is to develop a strong network platform to promote science, technology and innovation in the country. This is a network for R&D promotion and Research commercialization venture offering a variety of services and supports. Mr Abid H K Shirwani leads this venture as CEO.

South Asian Triple Helix Association (SATHA)
South Asia Triple Helix Association is incubated by UMT student Miss Faiza Kulsoom mentored by Assistant Professor Mr Khalil A Arbi and Mr Abid H K Shirwani DG, UMT/Director ORIC. South AsiaTHA (SATHA) Chapter has been established to elicit regional growth and economic development through enhanced coordination and networking among University-Industry-Governments (UIG). SATHA will facilitate the regional universities, industries and governments to articulate strategies for better performance through which the dream of regional competitiveness, innovation and higher living standards can be achieved.

Innovation Summit
Innovation Summit is a great idea of networking R&D stakeholders through an event. The idea is coined by Mr Abid H K Shirwani and duly supported by Dr Manzoor H Soomro (Ex-Chairman, PSF) and Prof. Dr Mujahid Kamaran (VC, University of the Punjab). The idea is initiated as planned venture by Mr Rahmat Ullah and Miss Hina Rasool as Incubatee. The team is working hard to make this event a success collaborated by 100s of partners from industry, academia and Govt. the summit is launched through IRP network.

WebHike Solutions
Webhike is initiated by UMT student – Mr Fahad Zafar and mentored by Mr Rahmat Ullah (Manager ORIC). The objective of this venture is to provide a platform to develop basic websites, web applications, and mobile applications. WebHike Solutions have an imaginative and complete team of web designers and website developers. Those are creative, complete and skilled with latest technologies and trends. Mr Fahad Zafar leads this venture as CEO.

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