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Need Based Scholarship


ILM Scholarship Fund (ILM Study Support/Aid Fund)

This need-based scholarship is given to needy and deserving students after scrutiny of evidence provided by the participant and a brief interview. The scholarship/fund is treated as Qarz-e-Hasna which participant has to return in three to five years installments after the completion of degree. 

Participant desirous of need-based financial assistance shall apply on the prescribed Financial Assistance Form to the Financial Assistance Officer in office of the Registrar along with following documents:

  • Evidence of Father’s/Guardian’s income like authenticated salary certificate;
  • Evidence of property, if any, owned by father/guardian;
  • Evidence of Agriculture property and income arising thereof;
  • Copies of utility bills for the period of last six months;
  • Copy of bank statement of father/guardian;
  • Copy of rent agreement in case of rented house or in case of income from house-rent;
  • Copies of Fee bills of brothers and sisters in case they are participant;
  •  Any other document which the Financial Assistance and Loan Committee (FALC) deems necessary;

Financial Assistance and Loan Committee considers all FA applications for the grant of need-based assistance in the light of evidence submitted in its regular quarterly meetings. The Financial Assistance Officer informs applicants about the outcome of their applications through emails or notice boards. He/She also prepares a list of applicants who have been granted assistance for onward dispatch to Office of the Treasurer and for record.

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