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Launching of New Academic Program

Following methodology has been formulated regarding launching of new academic programs.

  1. The program to be launched shall be proposed, discussed and recommended in the concerned Board of Faculty meeting. This forum, before recommending, thrashes out, comprehensively, the following aspects:
  1. The program is compatible both nationally and internationally. For instance, if we are initiating a Masters program in any of the faculties, it should be in line with the well-reputed local and foreign universities. This includes the name of Program as well as its general contents.
  2. All the core and elective subjects along with credit hours are to be decided in this forum. Core subjects are by and large the same for the similar programs being run in other universities. Any deviation from this has to be justified and recorded in writing. However a large range of elective subjects may be offered considering the demand of Industry.
  3. This forum proposes resource for each course.
  4. It also proposes the basic criteria of admission in the program.

The proposal, besides thrashing out the above mentioned aspects, discusses and recommends the following:  

  • Mission Statement of program;
  • Objective of Program;
  • Rationale ;
  • Career opportunities related to the program;
  • Fitness to existing programs, with a view to avoid/reduce overlapping with the existing programs;
  • Curriculum structure;
  • Road map;
  • Extended Road Map (for instance participant continuing from existing programs);
  • Brief description of courses;
  • Resource persons;
  • Provision of facilities; like book bank, journals, availability of classrooms etc.

The Dean of faculty/School would be responsible for recommendation from this forum.

  1. Then comments from HD OCM are invited. Evolution of market strategy would be the responsibility of HD OCM. Head OCM would submit a comprehensive report as regards launching of new program that would serve as a guideline for Deans’ committee meeting.
  2. The Deans Committee is the next forum in this process. The recommendations of Board of Faculty are discussed in this forum. The Deans Committee after thrashing out all issues mentioned above grants initial approval. The Board Of faculty also examines the same points and grants initial approval.
  3. In case it is a MS/M.Phil and/or PhD program, the BASAR looks into the program before recommending it to the Academic Council.
  4. The Academic Council accords approval and finally it is presented to the Board of Governors for formal approval.
  5. New Program would then be launched.

Expected time frame for completing this whole process is one semester.

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