Office of Participant Relationship Management

Tuition fee must be submitted quarterly i.e. 10th of each following month:
  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December
The Office of Participant Relationship Management may provide information and advice on the funding available to students, which includes scholarship and financial assistance.
  • Participants are required to pay their dues on or before prescribed due date which is 10th of March, June, September and December each year.
  • However, payment in installments may be allowed in case of a genuine financial hardship. Applications on the prescribed format (available in service section) along with documentary evidence   which justifies the reason, required installments and account status will be submitted by the participant on OPRM help desk or through e-mail at [email protected]
  • Submission of application does not guarantee approval. All applications will be decided on case to case basis.
Write an application for fee transfer and mention your complete previous and new student ID in order to transfer your fees. Submit application at OPRM help desk.
  • General decision is valid up to 3 days after the decision mail generated.
  • Decision with particular date is valid only till mentioned date.
Rs.100/- per day would be charged after due date.
If you apply twice for fee installments/extension, first decision of application will be cancelled automatically and second will be applicable.
Participant need to apply against new student ID along with all relevant documents of particular scholarship.
Participant desirous of need-based Financial Assistance are required to fill up prescribed Financial Assistance form available at OPRM front desk. The prescribed Financial Assistance form is submitted in Office of the Participant Relations Management front desk along with the required documents as per announced date. Following documents are required along with the application:
  • Evidence of property, if any, owned by Father/Guardian;
  • Evidence of agriculture property, if any and income arising thereof;
  • Copies of bank statement, in case of income from business/Salary;
  • Copy of rent agreement in case of rented house or in case of income from house-rent;
  • Copies of fee bills of dependents, if applicable;
  • Copies of electricity bills for the period of last six months;
  • Evidence of Father’s / Guardian’s income like authenticated salary certificate;
  • Copy of CNIC of participant and father / guardian;
  • Any other document which the Financial Assistance and Loan Committee (FALC) deems necessary
Fresh participants can claim refund of tuition fee as per following policy, if application is moved in OPRM Front Desk well in time.
  • During 1st week of commencement of classes 100% Tuition Fee
  • During 2nd week of commencement of classes 50% Tuition Fee
  • After 2nd week from the commencement of classes No refund The admission fee and library fee are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, these are adjustable in case the Participant seeks re-admission within one year and if the Participant informs the office of Participant Relations Management well in time before the start of the semester.
Refund application must submitted well in time at OPRM help desk: Requirements for Refund application:
  • Fill refund form duly signed by concern Dean
  • Applicant CNIC/B-Form copy
  • Applicant’s father CNIC copy
  • Original fee payment voucher
  • Original student card (If received from OPRM)
One-credit hour stands for 15 contact-hours for a lecture course or 45 contact-hours for a laboratory course. The total duration of a semester is 17 weeks and that of a summer session is 9. Many top universities follow schemes similar to this one. Government of the Punjab and HEC has adopted similar definitions for a semester credit-hour as well. As far as the credit-hours for individual courses are concerned, they vary even within UMT. Although most of them carry 3 credit-hours, those with 1, 2 and 6 also exist. Same is true for many other universities.
Write an application to cancel refund request within 1st week of refund application submission Submit application at OPRM help desk.
No, you cannot apply two scholarship at the same time.
Course registration of continuing participants for the upcoming semester is done in advance as per announced date by office of the Registrar. Participants will register their next semester courses online through their ERP portal account.
Fresh participants can enroll on the day of orientation and also can enroll in the first week of their classes.
  • Late registrations up to the first week of commencement of classes are subject to a late registration fine of Rs 500/- per day.
  • After the first week of classes, no registration shall be allowed.
  • However, fresh participants can enroll in the first week of their classes without late registration fine.
1: Fill clearance form Requirements: ? Duly filled clearance form (From all departments)
  • Attested copies all previous academic credentials degrees and certificate
  • Participant Student Card Original
  • Participant CNIC copy
  • 2 passport size pictures (with white background)
2: Submit Application to OPRM Help Desk
In case FT is lost or misplaced or has any error, the Participant can immediately apply for duplicate FT by paying duplicate fee in the accounts office. The word “Duplicate” or “Revised” will be written on the FT. In order to get duplicate FT, it is mandatory for the Participant to provide the following documents:
  • Photocopy of lost FT/degree
  • Original copy of FIR lodged with police station regarding the loss of FT (in case it is lost)
  • An affidavit on a stamp paper of Rs. 20/-
  • Rs 6000/- for Duplicate Final Transcript
  • Original clipping of newspaper advertisement announcing the loss of FT (in case of loss) In case of correction in FT/degree or replacement of a damaged FT/degree, original FT/degree shall be surrendered in whatever shape it exists.
FT can be collected in person by presenting original CNIC or it may be collected through authorized person by prescribed authority letter, with attached copies of his/her CNIC and that of an authorized person.
  • Fill urgent degree form
  • Attach Rs. 6000/- original paid voucher
  • Attach copy of Final Transcript
  • Submit at OPRM Help Desk
You may apply before the beginning of that particular semester till Add/Drop week without any fee. You have to fill in a clearance form from library, IPC and accounts only with an application form and submit it to OPRM front desk for processing, updating database and personal file. After Add/Drop week, you may freeze your semester with Rs.5000 fee till midterm exams. In that case a Participant needs to freeze his/her semester before midterm exams, with plausible reason and supporting documents, clearance form filled from IPC Lab, Library and accounts office with Rs. 5000/= paid fee slip and submit it to OPRM front desk. However, Registrar’s decision will be final in these cases. Note: First semester freeze is not allowed as per policy.
1: Fill Course Registration Form
  • Write an application for semester unfreeze
  • Duly filled course registration form
  • Approval from Batch Advisor
2: Submit Application to OPRM Helpdesk
A student is guided by a teacher but usually does not take classes with other students every day. This may be due to graduation deadlines, required courses not being offered in a particular term, scheduling difficulties, job purpose or to cover special areas. Mandatory Conditions for IS Following are the conditions for independent study;
  • Only one independent study is allowed in a degree program
  • No semester is remaining and one course left which was graded as F or it is participants 12th semester in case of non PEC undergraduate programs and 14th in case of PEC undergraduate programs. Points to be considered for opting IS;
  • Maximum B+ grade can be awarded
  • No MS/MPhil and PhD scholar is allowed to take any course as "Independent Study" without the direct approval of the Honorable Rector.
  • All those students who are having a semester and few courses left are not eligible.
If a participant missed Add/Drop time then he/she may submit withdrawal form, duly signed by batch advisor, resource person and COD, at OPRM front desk by the end of 12thweek from the start of classes. He/she shall be awarded ‘W’ in that particular course(s) in the transcript. However, the GPA/CGPA shall not be affected. Note: You may check course withdrawal dates on academic calendar.

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