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  • Our visitors are our clients and we welcome them at campus during working hours.
  • Participants are requested to cooperate with security apparatus during the entry of their guests and parents.
  • Every visitor shall have to submit original CNIC  on the gate along with the following information, while entering UMT premises:
    • Purpose of visit
    • Is the meeting scheduled and the host is present in campus.
    • Duration of stay
    • Mobile number
  • We advise our clients to schedule their meetings with concerned office bearer before coming to campus to avoid an inconvenience.
  • All staff, faculty and participants are advised to submit information about the schedule of their guests and visitors in advance to UMT security supervisor for better reception and protocols.
  • UMT security apparatus will inform the host before the visitor is allowed to enter. Upon confirmation of availability of relevant office bearer and required verifications, the visitor will be facilitated as required.
  • UMT security apparatus is authorized to conduct body search on visitors and their vehicles, if required, as a part of their duty to ensure the safety and security of our clients and people at campus.
  • Guests and visitors are bound to declare concealed weapon and prohibited items before entering into the premises. Such items will be returned on exit.
  • If the stated purpose of visit differs from the actual activity a visitor is found to be involved in, strict disciplinary action shall be taken.
  • It is mandatory for all visitors to properly display UMT visitor card while entering the premises of the University. The card identifies a person as a distinguished guest, and ensures a flawless stay at UMT premises. Therefore, all the visitors are encouraged to receive UMT visitor cards from security personnel at the entrance gates.
  • During the whole time of stay at UMT, the UMT visitor card shall be on proper display; failure to do so is subjected to disciplinary and legal action.
  • Lost, stolen and damaged visitor cards must be reported promptly to the Office of Facilities Management. There is a replacement fee for lost, stolen, or damaged cards, which shall be paid by cash.

Policy for Private Support Staff (Drivers, Servants, Assistants etc) of Faculty and participants

  • Please leave your drivers and assistants outside the campus during your stay at campus.
  • Private guards and security assistants are not allowed at campus.
  • In case of any obligation, please submit a written application to Head OFM ( for such approval along with ID card copy and Picture of your driver to stay at campus during your engagements at campus.
  • In case of such approval, the total responsibility for the behavior and actions of such accomplices will be borne by the employer.
  • After due approval, drivers and support staff will stay in parking area and are not allowed to roam around in the main building.



  1. Any attempt on part of any one to facilitate an entry of any one against the rules, what so ever, is subjected to disciplinary action and fine.
  2. This policy is not applicable to vendors and contractors dealing in supplies to UMT, as this subject is dealt under a separate policy “ Policy for Vendors and Contractor”.


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