Office of Facilities Management


  • All UPSs should be switched off before leaving the office. Failure to comply with this might cause the UPS to stop working properly.
  • The thermostat of air-conditioners should be kept at 26°C. Windows and doors of air-conditioned spaces should be kept closed for optimum utilization.
  • Office equipment, lights and air conditioners should be turned off when not in use.  Power management features of personal computers should be enabled.
  • Interior decorative lighting should be kept at a minimum and exterior decorative lighting should be discouraged.  Lighting levels should be such that they avoid over-lit spaces.
  • The use of electric heaters is prohibited throughout the University Campus. Faculty and staff members are obliged to disconnect and remove any electric heater from a University property. If any electric heater is found in University building it may be rendered inoperable or removed by the OFM team.
  • Energy efficient, recyclable and reusable products should be purchased when feasible to reduce disposal costs.

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