Office of Campus Management and Services

Services Manual

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The Office of Campus Management and Services Manual is created to respond to the need for an efficient and effective means of providing clear, concise, yet comprehensive guidance to UMT management and staff regarding Administrative affairs. This manual is intended to assist administrators so that they may better serve the Staff, Faculty and Students and  the University , provide a framework to assure strict accountability over UMT’s resources.


Office of Campus Management and Services is an Administrative Support Office at University of Management Technology (UMT) and is responsible for the Administration of the following areas:

  1. Office Management & Office Boys
  2. Classroom Management & Classroom Assistants
  3. Housekeeping & Janitorial
  4. Events Management
  5. Repair & Maintenance
  6. Horticulture
  7. Power House & Utilities Management
  8. Travelling & Accommodation
  9. Boarding & Lodging
  10. Transport
  11. Store Management
  12. Assets Management
  13. Inside UMT Staff Parking
  14. Mailing

Office of Campus Management and Services performs some tasks that are not listed above but fall in our general wing. It includes, renting of shops, correspondence with Govt. Departments over Legal issues, liaison with LDA, WASA, T MA, PHA, LESCO, PTCL, SNGPL, City Traffic Police and NADRA, etc. Dealing of all Rental agreements of houses being used by UMT including Female Hostel in Wapda Town. Coordinating with Companies/Organizations for promotional activities is also an important duty of Office of Campus & Event Management.

Purpose of this Manual

The University of Management Technology Administrative Manual contains established policy of the university. It is intende d to serve in defining, understanding and communicating university policies and procedures, identifying responsibilities, and pro viding guidelines in the performance of specific tasks regarding administration. It is to explain the process of working of different domains of Campus & Event management to understand the management of working.  The content of this manual should address broad policies that impact various constituencies across the institution. The policies and procedures contained in this Administrative Manual are those which are unique to the university and  appropriately expand upon applicable Federal and state law. Policies and procedures that are specific to a domain should be documented within that domain’s policy and/or operating manual.


The Office of Campus Management and Services Manual is an official publication of the university, with final authority for the material contained herein delegated to the Rector/Chairman. Policy of university-wide importance will be distributed as revisions to this document. Proposed revisions should be submitted. University policies contained in the Administrative Manual are required to be consistent with the rule and strategy of the university, with the code and policies of the Higher Education Commission, and with laws and policies of the State of Punjab. Should any section be found to be inconsistent, that section is void and the policies of the university or the state shall apply.