Office of Communications and Media (OCM)

Website Request Process

1- Submit a website Request

  1. The Webmaster will forward request to the GM OCM for approval
  2. The GM OCM will approve or deny the project based on eligibility.
  • If denied, GM OCM will reply with reasoning and alternative resources. 
  • If approved, GM OCM will forward project to Webmaster for further processing.

2- Project Planning, Consultation and Analysis

  • Client writes edits and revises all content prior to meeting with Webmaster and OCM content editor.
  • The Webmaster will meet with the client to obtain information and material.
  • Client’s responsibilities will be discussed and clarified.
  • Webmaster will provide a tentative timeline for completion of project and/or requirement of additional resources based on priority set by GM OCM.

3- Template Design and Approval

  • The Webmaster will begin work on the project.
  • Development of project documentation
  • Design and develop the website/application theme based on project scope.
  • Design sent for approval to client.

4- Development and deployment on test server

  • Start development based on approved design.
  • Design Template Integration with CMS
  • Test site will be sent for client review and department approval.

5- Send for review

  • Final review by the client and webmaster.

6- Site Goes Live

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