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UMT FM Radio 98.2

Radio plays a significant part in expansion as well as qualitative improvement of education, NASHAR FM 98.2 UMT was established in 2014 with the approval of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA). It is built with a purpose to foster the sense of responsibility, unity and integrity among the students and other listeners. Besides having the latest equipment in radio industry, FM 98.2 aims to produce the best producers, researchers, anchors and broadcasters for the media market. Our broadcast is based on programs related to infotainment, education, documentaries, features, interviews, talk shows and debates developing a strong desire among the students to know about the world and different cultural values.

The primary aim of UMT FM Radio 98.2 is to disseminate healthy information to target audience using enter-educate program format. UMT Radio plays an active role in enhancing UMT brand image and engaging more listeners to expand its penetration. Live transmission of important UMT events and activities is an important aspect of its services.

UMT FM Radio 98.2 facilitates students and provides them opportunities to discuss prospects and share experiences of their educational and extracurricular efforts. It provides timely information and allows networking with other University communities who have similar experiences and opportunities. It also facilitates students to develop and exercise their thoughts, and evaluate the electronically mediated culture using social media.

Key Features

State-of-the-Art learning Facilities

The learning center is technically equipped fully for media students; to understand the dynamics of the emerging digital world and the communication needs of the Pakistani society. Currently, the UMT FM Radio 98.2 its own studios and recording facilities as well as for Live broadcast.

Facilitation Center for Live Coverage

The center has many facilities which consist of Production Control Room (PCR) and Main Control Room (MCR) for the production of audio programs, news bulletins, live shows etc. Latest HD microphones, professional recording panels and upgraded digital transmitter is also set up for the live programming of the events.

Hands-on Training

UMT Media students go through intensive training programs during their regular studies and are trained in production activities of UMT Radio FM 98.2 which includes news and program hosting, program production, audio editing, script writing, audio recording equipment handling, indoor-out door recordings and RJ trainings etc. The hands-on training is given in accordance with the relevant degree program.


Through mutual coordination, students are encouraged to explore new ideas for radio programs and keep the wider UMT community engaged.

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