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Fall 2013: Provisional Rector's and Dean's Merit Lists


» School of Business and Economics
Bachelor of Business Administration [Download]
Bachelor of Business and Information System [Download]
BS Economics and Finance [Download]
Master of Business Administration (Professional) [Download]
Master of Business Administration (Evening) [Download]
Master of Business Administration (Executive) [Download]
» School of Science and Technology
Bachelor of Science (Major in Industrial Engineering) (Revised) [Download]
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering [Download]
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science [Download]
Bachelor of Science in Aerospace and Avionics (Revised) [Download]
Bachelor of Science in Physics [Download]
Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and Networks [Download]
Bachelor of Science in Architecture [Download]
» School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences [Download]
Bachelor of Science in Media and Communication [Download]
Bachelor of Science in Psychology [Download]
MA in Educational Leadership and Management [Download]
MA in English Language Teaching [Download]
MA in Media and Communication [Download]
MA in Special Education [Download]
MA in English [Download]
MSc. Psychology [Download]
» School of Textile and Design
Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineering [Download]
Bachelor of Textile Fashion and Design [Download]
Bachelor of Fashion and Design [Download]
» School of Professional Advancement
Master of Project Management [Download]
Master of Marketing Management [Download]
Master of Banking and Finance [Download]
Master of Computer Science (Evening) [Download]
Master of Human Resource Management [Download]
Master of Sales and Marketing [Download]
Master of School Management [Download]
» Institute of Audit and Accountancy
Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) [Download]
BS Accounting [Download]
Master of Commerce [Download]
» Institute of Applied Sciences
BS Aviation Management [Download]
BS Aviation Technology  [Download]
Rector's and Dean's Merit Lists

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