Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization

Spring 2015-Issue I

This issue of the Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization focuses largely on the financial and economic aspects of the Islamic tradition and development. An array of contemporary financial issues in the light of Islamic thought like the role that Islamic Finances can play in Sustainable development, the relationship between worship and the importance of attaining a halal income and wealth and poverty in the relation to Islamic teachings. We also explore the work and teachings of Dr Ismai’il Raji al Faruqi and his contribution to the Islamization of knowledge.

Fall 2015-Issue II

This issue of the Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization brings to bear the impact of the Revolutionary philosophy of Dr Ali Shariati to the baseless accusations of Bernard Lewis on Islam and its contested relationship with slavery. We also hope to expand upon the illuminating discourse of Muhammad Asad’s approach to the Shariah. It also covers the relationship between man in the roles of both, in a position of leadership that was exemplified in the character of the Prophet (SAW) and in relation to the environment.

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