Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization

Spring 2013-Issue I

This issue of the Journal of the Islamic Thought & Civilization consists of exclusive contributions of UMT academicians and scholars. It is dedicated to highlight the research  output of UMT scholars for the benefit of the society at large and academicians in particular. Maintaining the tradition of the Journal, the authors have contributed articles on a variety of subjects ranging from management of madrassa education to definition of Islamic Tradition, postmodern equipment of research of Arkoun and an analysis of the  intertwined roles of faith and reason in contemporary Islam. An effort has also been made  in this issue to highlight the importance of ijtihad in Islamic civilization and culture.

Fall 2013-Issue II

The diverse range of articles that comprise this issue of the Journal touch upon issues that affect the Muslim communities in this life as in the hereafter. Drawing upon knowledge gleaned from scholars across the world and in Pakistan, the editors have made an attempt to bring to the limelight pressing issues - such as Islamic economics and distribution of estates in Nigeria to religious dialogue, the concept of evil, and bridging the gap between religion and the modern sciences - to name a few. It is sincerely hoped that the readers would benefit from the scholarly endeavors and painstaking research conducted by the contributors.

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