Information Processing Center

Hardware Resources


130Intel® Core™ i7 Systems
337 Intel® Core™ i5 Systems
10 Apple 21.5-inch iMac (all-in-one design)
8 Computer Classrooms with 42+ PCs in each
Project lab for Final Projects under SST
3 HP 9050 Laser Printers
Scanners and CD/DVD Writers
Sun-Ray Thin-Client Virtual Desktops 


Domain Controller (HP DL-380 Win2k8 R2)
File Server (HP DL-380 Win2k8 R2)
Print Server (Core 13, Win2k3, PMP)
Proxy Servers (ML-150/DL-380Linux/W2k)
Sun Ray Server (SunFire 280r, Solaris 10)
Linux Server for Remote Access (RHEL 5)
Soft Server, Named "Punjab" (Win2K3)
Backup File Server (Win2K3)

Operating Systems and Technologies

Windows 10
Windows 7
Mac OS X Loin (10.7)

Sun Solaris 10
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Fedora Core 15
Sun Virtual box
VM Ware


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