ILM Fund

Why you should donate

Making a donation is one way to ensure that many bright and deserving students can obtain cost free education. At a time, when Govermental spending on higher education is on the decline, it is important that all available resources be mobilized to suport the educational requirements of less privileged students.

Why support ILM Fund

  • We aspire to transform talented and underprivileged students into leaders of tomorrow
  • All donations with us are secure and are spent on providing financial assistance to those who deserve it
  • We provide education to improve social mobility and bring down disparity for future generations
  • Since its inception, over Rs 2.5 Billion worth of scholarships were awarded to underprivileged and talented students from all districts of Pakistan

How your donations are used

Every year, ILM Fund allocates more than Rs. 200 million from its own budget assigned by ILM Trust. All donations raised are added to the pre-allocated budget and are utlized for scholarships to financially deprived students of UMT.

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