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Statement of Beneficiaries

Maria Hassan

Master in Media Communication

I have done my Master’s degree in Media and Communication with 75% merit scholarship from UMT and now I’m doing job in an esteemed organization. Thank you UMT for changing my life for better..

Engr. Armaghan Rauf

BS (Industrial Engineering)

ILM Fund has provided me an opportunity of lifetime to make my dreams come true by awarding me scholarship during my BS Industrial Engineering (2010-2014) program.

I have finished my degree program with 3.81 CGPA (MA). While studying, I also worked in PTCL contact center in evening first as a team player and later as a team leader to support my family which in turn enhanced my communication skills and taught me the art of time management, multi-tasking and leadership abilities.

Currently, I am working as Trainee Engineer Production and Development in Associated Technologies Limited. Thank you ILM Fund and UMT for building my career graph successfully.

Bilal Akram


I have done my BBA and MBA from UMT and the time spent here is memorable and rewarding also. After completion of BBA (H), my financial situation worsened but scholarship awarded by ILM Fund helped me finish my MBA. I am thankful to UMT for helping me in tough times and marking my career, a success story. Studying here has truly been an honor.

Hasan Raza

BS Computer Sciences

The ILM Fund Scholarship program facilitated me in difficult times. It provided financial support by paying my learning investment and I was able to excel in one of the best institutions of Pakistan and became a successful software engineer, Finally, I have got a job offer in a foreign company and I am looking forward to join there as a software engineer. All of this has been possible because of ILM Fund and University of Management and Technology. Thank you for providing me the academic scholarship. It was a much needed opportunity that had changed my life for good.

Bilal Mustafa

MBA Professional, School of Business and Economics, UMT

I would have never imagined a life with a great mission of transforming my family and contributing positively to society had I not been awarded scholarship / financial assistance for UMT by the ILM Fund. I owe this gratitude to them for providing me excellent higher education opportunity..

Rector Message

Ayesha Siddiqui

MA Media and Communication, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, UMT

I have no words to express my gratitude for UMT ILM Fund, which has changed my life and world for the better! Had I not been awarded scholarship for UMT by ILM Fund, I would have not been able to complete my education, and achieve personal growth and social standing.

Rector Message

Ahmed Zahid

BS Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering, UMT

UMT ILM Fund has played an important role in my success and I am proud to be a part of this university. There was a time when I thought that my career goals would never be fulfilled but ILM Fund made my dreams come true. The Fund is a “ray of hope” for many who are aspiring to pursue higher education but are facing financial hurdles.

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